Make Your Tile Floor Look as Good as New

Connect with a tile restoration pro that serves Manassas, VA and all of NOVA

Does your once-bright tile floor now look dingy and dirty? You can make your floor look brand-new when you get tile restoration services with Looney's Tile And Grout Inc. throughout NOVA and Manassas, VA. We'll clean your tile and grout, recaulk the edges and seal it all in with a commercial-grade color sealer that comes with a 10-year warranty.

Whether you want to restore your shower, floor or backsplash tilework, you can count on us. Schedule an appointment for our tile restoration services today. When we're done, your tiles will look amazing and you'll save thousands on a full replacement.

Top signs you need tile repair services

In addition to our tile restoration services, we also offer tile installation and repair services. Turn to us for a tile and grout repair if you notice:

  • Loose tiles
  • Small holes in your grout
  • Minor chips or cracks in your tiles

Not sure if we can fix your issue? Talk to our tile and grout repair pros today.